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Welcome to the A.C.E. Inc. Registered Agent Process server website created for Law Firms, Attorneys, Paralegal professionals and Corporation Counsel seeking professional assistance services with Serving Process upon Registered Agents. Our Process Servers perform very fast, proper and efficient process and document delivery service.

When we finalize your procerss service request, A.C.E. will return the proof of service or affidavit back to the location of your choice. Whether you need certified or plain court generated copies, all retrieved documents will be returned via a pdf attached to an email address or by your preferred delivery method. Or, in the case where we delivered a letter, answer or file, we will provide you with an appropriate receipt or confirmation.


We accept service requests by email ONLY. All requests, initially, must be in writing. Before we can activate your service request we require prepaid by credit card, debt card and or paypal only.

NOTE - Pay Attention Please

We are courthouse couriers and Licensed Private Process Servers NOT Court Service Advisors!
We do not, cannot and will not offer you any procedural or preparation advice. Sorry. Its against the Law for us to engage in legal procedural discussions, sorry.

You must direct your questions to the clerk of the court or to an Attorney.

When your paperwork is in order please call us to arrange courier services
to or from the courthouse and we will provide exemplary services.


The Above "Domesticate" link will help you up to a certain point.
Ultimately, you will have to call the clerk of the court to confirm procedures, clerk fee's and requirements.
If you are seeking to issue a Subpoena in Florida call the court after you read this site.
We do not offer any filing information, opinions or forms; we are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice.

Please only call us AFTER you finalize your paperwork with the clerk of the court.
We handle courthouse transactions quickly and professionally ONLY AFTER you complete the paperwork!
If your paperwork is declined by the clerk and we have to go back, you will incur additional fees. Please make sure all paperwork is verified with a clerk before you retain our services.


How to Obtain a Quote and Arrange for Courier, Delivery and Pick up Services.

Our Court Couriers are distinguished from ordinary court messenger and document runner services because of our direct experience inside the courthouse. Our agents are equipped with computers, scanners and appropriate additional technology to efficiently assist you.   We offer quick turnaround times and work with the clerks at the court to assure your request is handled in a personalized and expedient manner. Our court courier services are usually more expensive than standard messenger services because they involve wait time, interaction with clerks and involve crafty negotiation tactics to assure specific appropriate timing for your request. Please be advised, most court house service requests will require at least two visits to the courthouse; that is, one visit to order the file and the other to obtain the copies you need.

The average time it takes to complete a courthouse courier service is one week. If we there is any way to complete your service faster, we will. However, timing and the actual handling of your service request is entirely up to the clerk’s office and their work load at the time we request your file. Unless, of course, you need us to deliver documents which we will handle the same of next day.


Our clients consider court services to be a vital aspect of their law firm or company needs. Many clients don’t use the word "Courier" but ask for the following services which are all the same: Court Delivery Agents; Court Case File Retrievers; Court Copier Services; Court File Copy Services; Court Runners; and, Courtesy Copy Messengers.


Our court service capabilities and resources are unlimited. No job is too large or too small for us to handle. We can obtain docket sheets, research files, scan copies of pleadings, deliver documents, file and record files. We file new cases, retrieve old or current case files and offer "clock in services." We can domesticate and issue your out of state subpoena provided you submit the required paperwork. We also offer judicial court and law office courier services to most courts and can deliver your letter to a Judge, clerk or any person at a court or special location of your choice. Our courthouse courier services are handled by professional court experts with years of experience.


If you are interested in learning more about our court services or are seeking a quote for a service, the best way to get reliable answers or a fast quote is by email at, Court pickup and delivery service fees involve many different aspects such as, but limited to, your required timing; how you would like your case file documents picked up, delivered and or returned to you. When you send us your request in writing, we will respond with a flat fee quote via email.


Accuracy and Dependability is what A.C.E. Court Courier Services offer. We provide Legal Courier Services better than anyone else. We GUARANTEE all court services.


A.C.E. Court Courier services have been utilized, by Attorneys, Corporations and Paralegals, during time sensitive circumstances. Our agents work directly for us and are not your typical provider found on paid for directory lists. We are not a directory and do not pay to be listed on any websites or in any directories. When you work with us, you are dealing directly with the source provider. This is our website and have no advertisements or slick marketing tactics designed to convince you hire us. You found our website because google and the other search engines ranked us due to our credibility, long term success and great reviews. We have high rankings because we earned them, we did not pay for our stature we earned it by providing clients with dependable and timely results. We work hard to make our court services available to you and we will become your go to court vendor, given the opportunity to do so.


While our local teams of Court Couriers are traveling to and from locations our national management team is busy monitoring and managing each court service request. Our managers are responsible for overseeing every detail of each service, from start to finish. We aspire to make sure all your court services needs are met in a timely and appropriate manner.

Court Courier Services are performed in most metropolitan areas throughout America. States and counties where we conduct business warehouse and engage in cases from the lowest value small claims divisions, up to state court and USDC locations. The Court system allows us access to court files and other related court documents stored, recorded or otherwise.  When you consider the importance of the court system I America, it is the responsibility of the courts to keep records secure and available. Our Court Courier services perform and act on behalf of its clients are the life line between what is needed and that which can be obtained. No matter where you are and where the court is situated we can file, deliver, find, record, research and or obtain case files for you.

Court Courier travel to all major courthouse and government agencies on behalf of our clients to conduct research services, document retrieval services, deliver correspondence and or obtain copies of files. The most common service performed by our court couriers are the retrieval of case files, recording, domesticating subpoena’s, delivering courtesy copies to judges and or opposing counsel, filing answers and assistance with obtaining certified copies.

Attorneys and Paralegal professionals are the most frequent users of our court courier services. We provide our needed service mainly due to the distance and the time-consuming task of waiting on long lines, unavailability of files that require daily follow up and for those office that may not have the office support staff to handle the task. In Many situations the court service needed is out of state and therefore a dependable and reputable courier service, such as A.C.E., Inc., is retained to represent the needs of its clients.

Court Courier services is an outsourced service that allows the Paralegal or Attorney who need to obtain information from specific areas within the court to fulfill its obligation to its clients with a cost effective and timely service. Court Couriers are intimately familiar with Civil and Criminal records research and endeavor considering areas of the courthouse such as Probate, Surrogate, Marriage, Property, Tort Cases, Personal Injury, Structure Settlements and Divorce case files.

Our Court Couriers are widely utilized to find liens, settlements, judgments and other recorded legal instruments on behalf of its client’s. In addition, our Couriers are frequently directed to file and record new lawsuits; issue subpoena's; file and or record judgments, liens, mortgages and deliver letters and answers and property title instruments.

A.C.E., Inc. Court Courier services are performed diligently, responsibly and as timely as possible. Please be advised court procedures generally to handle all requests on a first come first serve basis, unless of course there is a contact or a known means to circumvent (which we do because we know most clerks and the best time to go into the courts) the massive number of pending requests.

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